Knowledge Management For Customer Retention Telecom Industry

There is no definition that is simple. The value is determined by the organisation and position (Alvesson, 1993). Knowledge goes beyond guidance, into the world of human thinking. Without this type of facet that is human, knowledge would be only …

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Knowledge Management In Healthcare: Succeeding In Spite Of Technology

While there’s no clear understanding obstacles may contain time problems for knowledge works knowledge sharing remains a challenging problem for knowledge management, the amount of trust, dearth of support technologies that are successful and culture (Jennex 2008).

knowledge management service (1)Early KM technologies …

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Knowledge Management Challenges

As early retirements and growing freedom of the existing human resource increases the quantum of loss of knowledge, expansion of knowledge management services helps organizations that are small-scale bolter. Additionally, with due changes in strategic direction may cause the lack …

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Freud’s psychoanalytic strategy

Elms has led through many printed works including psychobiographies on Allport (1972), Freud (1980), Skinner (1981), and Murray (1987) to psychobiography.

Ostwald, Peter. “Genius, Madness, and Health: Examples from Psychobiography.” ed. Peter Ostwald and Leonard Zegans. Madison, CT.: International Universities …

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iPhone 8 Expected Features and Specification

This time Apple is going to present an advanced smartphone model with having a slim design. Apple is also developing OS 10 (OS X) especially for iPhone 8 which is will decrease its power consumption and increase battery performance. Apple …

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