Tacit Knowledge And The Knowledge Management Systems

KM system must be discussed. Knowledge management system consists of of organized management information system (MIS) to create, shop or record information i.e. essential for individuals either through Artificial Intelligence, Network maps or instruction manual.

Knowledge management identifies all organized actions for sharing and creation of knowledge in order that knowledge could be used for the organization’s success. Knowledge Management procedures provide a framework for linking people to individuals and people to advice and share distilled learning’s and best practices.

Knowledge Management provides an empowering framework to influence “collective knowledge.”

A Knowledge Management System supplies services that are incorporated in deploying Knowledge Management devices for network of members that’s active knowledge workers intensive company processes along the whole knowledge life cycle.

Methods to do this include supporting communication, offering chances to learn, and promoting the sharing of proper knowledge artifacts.”

Knowledge management is not automatic since the list of bugs, all preceding jobs and their options will not be kept for future reference, at one location. If the concerned individual leaves, the new man starts from scratch, oblivious of the associated bugs in their options and the past.